Author Recommendation | Lauren Myracle

Name: Lauren Myracle

Age (as of April 2017): 47

Genre(s): Middle Grade Fiction, Young Adult Fiction


The Winnie Years

Internet Girls

The Life of Ty

Flower Power
“Lauren Myracle (born May 15, 1969) is an American writers of young adult fiction.*  She has written many novels*, including ‘Twelve‘ (2007), ‘ttyl‘ (2005), and ‘Luv Ya Bunches‘ (2009).”

Personally, as a dedicated reader, I think Myracle’s novels are marvelous. I’ve read all of The Winnie Years series, and some of the Flower Power series. My favorite novels from The Winnie Years series are ‘Eleven‘, and ‘Twelve‘.
My overall rating:


Do you recommend this author to others?


Specifically which books from this author do you recommend to others?

‘Eleven’, ‘Twelve’, ‘Thirteen Plus One’, ‘Upside Down Magic’ and ‘Wishing Day’.

Goodbye from the brunette book worm 💙



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