Book Review | Cat Found by Ingrid Lee

A heartwarming tale about the importance of caring for strays.
In Billy’s small town, stray cats are running wild, and there’s growing pressure to get rid of them. The school bullies don’t even hesitate to throw rocks at the poor creatures! So when Billy finds a wounded, starving kitten and sneaks her home, he has to be extra-careful to keep her hidden while he nurses her back to health. However precious little Conga is to him, he knows his dad would take her away if he discovered her, safe and warm in Billy’s bedroom.

Can Billy and his friends confront the cat abusers, convince the town of the importance of caring for abandoned animals, and find a safe haven for strays?”


“Cat Found” is a story about how badly stray cats are treated, and why we should help them out.

The story follows 11 year old Billy, who finds a badly hurt, uncared-for kitten and hides her from his parents. When Billy finds out that his cat is pregnant, he has to find a safe place for each of the kittens.

Can Billy and his friends help the strays and change people’s minds, without angering the mayor?

My Rating:

3.8/5 | 6.5/10

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